Let the voting begin!

We are thrilled to announce the finalists of our Design for Good contest. We had so many entries and such a hard time choosing that we decided to narrow it down to five instead of three non-profits for the voting round. One of these amazing non-profits will win a year of free creative services (up to $10,000) from the team at Egg Design: The Boston Debate League, Big Brother Big Sister Foundation, The Shadow Fund, Victim Rights Law Center, and SenseAbility Gym.

We’ll need the help of the public to decide the winner. You may vote once between now and September 30th and help select which non-profit wins a year of creative services.

How to vote:
1. Go to our facebook page and click on the “Contests” tab: www.facebook.com/EggDesignPartners
2. Select the nonprofit you want to win.
3. Share the link with friends, family, and colleagues to vote!

The process of reviewing all of the nominations inspired us and we can’t wait to get started working with one of the five finalists:

Boston Debate League
The Boston Debate League (BDL) is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Boston Public Schools (BPS) to support academic debate teams in local high schools and train BPS teachers to use debate as a regular part of their classroom practice.
The BDL wants collateral materials that pack a punch, a social media plan that gets their voice heard, and some conversation-starting swag for donors and debaters.

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation
Since 1996, the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation has been collecting donations of clothing and small household items door to door in over 200 towns and cities throughout Massachusetts. There’s recently been a huge increase in competition for the used clothing industry by for profit companies, so the BBBS is in need of design services to keep up with the competition.

The Shadow Fund
The Shadow Fund is located in Andover, MA and their mission is to provide financial assistance to a guardian of an animal companion who is unable to provide necessary veterinarian care or medical attention for the cherished pet. They are in need of design and marketing services to help get the word out about their cause and the services they provide. They’re looking to build awareness, reach more potential donors, and increase website traffic.

Victim Rights Law Center
Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Victim Rights Law Center (VRLC) is the first nonprofit law center in the country dedicated solely to serving the legal needs of rape and sexual assault victims. VRLC is interested in design work to enhance their printed materials, fundraising materials, electronic outreach, and website.

SenseAbility Gym
SenseAbility Gym serves special needs families in the central and MetroWest area of Massachusetts. Their mission is to provide a parent-led sensory gym, giving children with special needs a safe, fun, indoor area where they can play and accommodate their sensory needs. SenseAbility Gym wants help designing their website, ad campaigns, and other print materials to reach more families and donors.